serena zam

Digital existence coexists with, intersects, and impacts the physical world on a global scale, but also on an individual, bodily one. We get migraines from too much screen time. We have tangible emotional reactions to online storytelling, interactions, or even broadcast violence. We experience pain from slouching over our devices or using our pinkies to hold our phones. Algorithmic Insecurity (F**k Ozempic) is an experimental collage-film specifically investigating the physical and mental impact of personalized, targeted marketing and advertisements found online. It explores and represents how the brain feels when insecurities and mental illnesses are algorithmically hijacked and fed back to us as insidious, targeted ad promotions, with a personal focus on eating disorders and weight loss commercials. 

︎ Iteration I - Hot Wheels, Museum of Human Achievement (2023)

The film was displayed on two iPod Touches and mounted onto a remote controlled car that drove around the gallery space. 

︎ Iteration II - Transcendent Reality, The Gallery ATX (2024)

The film is shown on a 1970’s Sharp Transistor Television. More documentation coming soon.